The Centre for Phenomenology in South Africa is a collaborative community of national and international researchers and graduate students concerned with the development of research in phenomenology. Founded in March 2013, the Centre promotes phenomenological research of a theoretical nature as well as with a practical focus on social issues such as diversity, injustice, inequality, racism, poverty, discrimination, criminality, anxiety, identity, sexism arising in a country like South Africa. With its methodological emphasis on the study of the structures of experience, phenomenology offers an important contribution to the understanding of social issues; conversely, such issues provide rich material for phenomenological enquiry.

The Centre advocates research that explores innovative and original links between phenomenology and contemporary issues in epistemology, the philosophy of mind, the Kantian/post-Kantian European tradition and African philosophy. We also encourage interdisciplinary research connections with the human, social and natural sciences.

Our activities include the offering of biennial Summer/Winter schools dedicated to the study of classical texts in phenomenology, support of article publications and monographs, and organising annual meetings and conferences on themes of interest to the Centre.

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